EFI H1625 UV Hybrid Inkjet Printer


The EFI Rastek H650 has been renamed as the EFI H1625. The “H” printers are EFI’s entry-level UV-curing models ideal for those sign shops looking to upgrade their print services either from solvent-based signage or small format screen printing applications.

Upgrades on the new EFI H1625 compared to the original model

The original model came with four ink colors and optional white ink. The new EFI H1625 comes with five colors (CMYK+W) standard.

The original H650 carriage design came with four Toshiba Tec CA-4, one for each of the four colors (CMYK) and one head for printing white.

Although we don’t have information on the printhead model on the current printer, we do know the printheads brand is still Toshiba Tec, one per color (Toshiba website lists a CA-5 printhead which is a more recent, more advanced printhead model).

These printheads offer grayscale capability, which means they can produce drops of different sizes. EFI’s website lists a grayscale capability of up to 8 levels for the printheads on the EFI H1625.

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